The Truth

I know a blog entry marked “the truth” must seem pretty important. It’s not, however; it’s just a funny story I have saved up from my family vacation.

Setting: Eastern Oregon, in a vacation home

Time: Afternoon

Who: My little sister, my boyfriend, and I

Story: Being bored while on vacation, my boyfriend and IĀ  rummage through the drawers in our vacation home. We find nothing until……I find a handle! šŸ™‚ It was a random crank-thing handle that looked like it would attach to something.
I couldn’t figure out what it was for, but when I flipped it over instead of saying “China” or “Taiwan” in the lone engraving, it said “TRUTH”.

WUT.I then proceeded to ask my sister if she wanted to hold the handle, and when she said “sure” I exclaimed:


………..true story, bro. I would prove it with a picture, but it’s on my mother’s tablet and I haven’t obtained it yet. Maybe one day when the sky is blue and little birds are singing again.


The Final Stretch

Life has been pretty good, despite being lots of work. I suppose maybe I’ve just become accustomed to having less work, and now less work counts as “lots of work.” I can’t wait for more work to start on the 28th. That’s when I go back to school! šŸ™‚ *is a very conflicted person*

Two things have been on my mind recently. The first thing is love. My boyfriend and I have been dating for a year and a half and are basically engaged…..we’ve had a non-stereotypical relationship in that we don’t really like beating around the bush. If you like someone, TELL THEM. And what’s with dating without actually being in a relationship?
So anyway, two completely unrelated people have said we’re practically engaged and have called me his fiance. It’s pretty weird, and sometimes I think:

enhanced-buzz-18043-1375452832-8While other times I think:

anigif_enhanced-buzz-30680-1375454608-13How does Jessica Day understand my life so perfectly? O.o It’s like I want to marry this writer….except I’m already in a relationship.

SECONDLY, schoolwork. Each Monday, I have to turn in a summary essay of one of the texts we read last week. I mean, legit texts like Audre Lorde’s Age, Race, Class and Sex or something by Freud. And each Sunday night, I stay up until 1 a.m. The next day I say to my friend in class:

anigif_enhanced-buzz-24516-1373698737-6_previewI should probably stop procrastinating…

Anyway, I hope you all had a lovely Monday free of procrastination and full of productivity! šŸ™‚

Unique Window Display

So, last night my sister and I went on an “art walk” in our town. I was there for my newspaper, where I have a summer internship. One of the antique stores on the art walk supposedly had a “unique window display,” so she and I stared at this window display for a few minutes to see what was unique about it

After a few minutes of not seeing anything out of the ordinary, besides an antique bottle of Coca-Cola with the coke still inside of it, we stumbled upon this beauty:


The heck? O.o If you can’t tell, it’s a Power Ranger wannabe doll (…I think) with a Barbie doll (…I think) on his lap…with a bottle of beer or something on a table next to them.

Personally, I’m just glad they didn’t include a series of these poses with less and less clothing involved…that would’ve been scarring, to say the least.

Almost done!

So, if you’ve been wondering why I haven’t posted, it’s because I’ve been at summer school. I’m taking Literary Criticism and Monsters in Medieval Literature. Not many people believe that there is such a thing as Monsters in Medieval Literature, but it’s real. IT’S VERY REAL. And it has a lot of homework >.<

Also, I’ve been busy watching anime. I’ve never been into anime, but this last week I’ve watched “Special A” and “Maid-Sama!”. It’s so cute ^_^ Mostly I just enjoy the cute romance and comedy…I don’t appreciate violence or magic in my shows too much. That might be why I’ve never seen Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter. XD

At school I’ve been learning how there’s no such thing as truth, and how language was decided arbitrarily. It’s really confusing. Most of the time I just sit there and then I struggle when it’s time to write my weekly summary paper. Thankfully, I’m almost done with that summer class.tumblr_lm7dgb3ikh1qii6tmo1_400

Other than that, life’s been going pretty well. The 4th of July is tomorrow! šŸ˜€ It’s my favorite holiday of the whole year. What’s *your* favorite holiday and why?

(Also, if you have a favorite anime that is not too violent, you should mention that with your comment! šŸ™‚ )

My life as a wimpy person

When I was growing up, I didn’t see many movies that my peers saw.

Antz? Nope.
Mulan? Nope.
Hercules? Nope.
Lord of the Rings? Nope.

I thought all of those sounded like awesome movies, but my parents wisely made me wait until I was older. I say wisely because I am a very easily-scared and impressionable person.

I’ve never seen a horror movie before, but I saw part of one on Monday. I’m taking a class on Monsters in Literature, and my teacher saw fit to show us 20 minutes of the movie Resident Evil. I spent the entire 20 minutes taking notes and jumping at sudden movements and noises.

zombie movies

It wasn’t as bad as I expected. Of course, I still hate zombies and violence and horror….and blood is kinda freaky, but I lived. I would NOT want to see the rest of the movie, though.




Isn’t it great?

Livin’ the Dream

Actually, I’m not. My dream would be to own an iPhone and have an Instagram account. Then my life would be complete. Since I don’t own an iPhone and I don’t have an Instagram account, here are some fake Instagram photos.

chocolateNothin’ better than chocolate in the sun, amirite?

pencilsMy new charcoal/graphite pencil collection. Also in the sun.


There you have it folks – ART. With filters. Just for good measure, here’s a funny song about Instagram. It’s hilarious and will probably make you laugh, unless you have no soul.


This one is also pretty funny, and the refrain “With just one touch my life looks cool” is so true. Also, BATMAN.


#coolpicturesStephanie #thankyou #whyishashtaggingsofun? #Facebookshouldn’thavehastags

Sloth: Not Just a Vice Anymore

I thought you could all do with another daily dose of cute. šŸ™‚ Sloths are pretty cute as babies…not sure how I feel about them as adults. If I could have any animal in the world as a pet, it might be an eternally baby sloth.

But anyway, that video was made and posted by Lucy Cooke, who works with sloths. If you buy her book “A Little Book of Sloth” (which is now on my wishlist), a percentage of the profits will go to a sloth conservation. Ordering this book could help your Monday improve significantly with the impending arrival of cuteness.

And here’s Zooey, to describe what it’s like to be a girl.

Bring it, Monday! …and if I could have some soft pretzels, that would be great.

(and no, I was not paid to talk about Lucy Cooke’s book or video….I wish….being paid to talk about sloths would be great šŸ™‚ )

The Grumpiest of them All

I’m sure by now most if not all of you have heard of Grumpy Cat. That cute tiny cat with some sort of mutated gene causing it to be short….and grumpy.

Good stuff XD

Anywho – I read an article the other day about Grumpy Cat being made into a movie. One of the problems with this movie is that they need a voice for Grumpy Cat, and people already have different ideas of what the cat should sound like. The cat is female, but everyone I know thinks of her as male.

Personally, I think the voices of Emma Stone or Ellen DeGeneres would be great in this role. I mean, that’s totally not what you’re thinking of when you think of Grumpy Cat, right? XD Morgan Freeman would be a good choice as well.

I don’t know if this movie will actually get produced, but it’s an interesting concept – turning a beloved internet icon into a live-action movie…


Brains are in the eye of the beholder

For awhile now, I’ve been wondering if I’m left-brained or right-brained. Or dead-brained. So I asked my family, thinking they would tell me the truth.

Right brain and left brain.

Sister: No, you’ve never been creative enough to be right-brained.

Mom: Reason and logic? YOU?

Dad: *eats lunch*

…in retrospect, I probably shouldn’t’ve asked during lunch. Maybe then I wouldn’t have ended up with a tie vote.


So, I left lunch downhearted, sure I would never find my place in humanity. I researched ways to make my stronger brain more apparent, and then I stumbled across THIS article. It’s called “Why the Left-Brain Right-Brain Myth Will Probably Never Die“. UM. EXCUSE ME?


What exactly do you mean by “myth”, sir? Is everything I’ve ever heard about the brain false? Well, according to this article, the main reason we believe in left/right brain is because of a test done on people whose brain-connecting cords were cut due to epilepsy procedures. They found that the right and left sides of the brain functioned differently and processed different information.

So……what about people whose brain-connecting cords are intact? Apparently we just function with our brains as a whole, and some people are better at art than others. That makes me feel better about myself, even if this article turns out to be total untruth. I appreciate the new perspective anyway šŸ™‚